About Us

Industrial stores suppliers is a proprietory firm started by shri nooruddin akbarally baxa in the year 1983 with the dua mubarak of his holiness Dr.Syedna mohammed burhanuddin R.A. khuda ghani barakat aape with very little resources but as the time passed the company was blessed with many products that it handles and has distributorship for various products like Rolon chains and sprockets bearings and v-belts of high quality and isi standard that can compete with the leading market.
The company has got its iso certificate of ISO 9000:2000 and maintains staff to cater the daily emergency requirement of the industries the company maintains its retail shop at the heart of salem city between town and shevapet at No.2 old market road fort salem.It maintains large stock for various products like tools chain blocks lifiting equipments fasteners and all kinds of small engineering products like blades circlips oil seals rubber products gears and couplings v pulleys jointing sheets and textile machinery spares like needle bearings and precision components with the reasonable prices and competitive offers. The company also caters outstation customers and has dealer network throughout India for its NAFEES brand v-belts categorized here group wise to enable get quoted self and also prices can be verified with the list and can be purchased online. This is our gift to all industries in Tamilnadu on the occasion of the Milade meavi the 100th birthday celebration of our beloved world leader Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A.;who infused love and service to serve motherland as part of religious rituals of Islam. His Holiness the heir successor SYEDNA MUFADDHAL SAIFUDDIN T.U.S. continues to guide the world one and all towards the path of peace and development.
This firm is started with the sole motto to serve the industrial sector of Tamilnadu of their day today machinery break down and assist in procuring necessary materials.
The belief of the company is to serve customers by upgrading latest technology to regularly represent the company at the door step of customers find their necessary requirements supply genuine products and maintain the price stability. The proprietor Mustafa nooruddin bhai is very talented and educated has foresight to rebuild he is constantly upgrading the firm for development and has great hopes to a leading business.
The listed prices are competitively offered subject to our terms and conditions of business and Valid only for Online Purchase.